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Katarzyna Kierzkowska

I am Katarzyna Kierzkowska, Wedding Planner and owner of Curly Weddings.

I am a hard-working and organized person who always has a smile on their face. 
I really like to spend time with family and friends. I love traveling and trying new foods. So far, I saw 19 states in the U.S., Mexico and many parts of Europe. I hope it’s just the beginning and more beautiful places are waiting for me.

Creativity, details and fashion will be perfectly matched for your wedding day and it will be beautiful and unforgettable. 
Flowers, lights, the service, music, every detail small and large; they all matter.
My passion for fashion, details and traveling helps me support your future marriage, give lots of ideas and plan your wedding day individually with professionalism. 

There is nothing more beautiful than the smile of a happy wedding couple, knowing that the dream of a pretty and unique wedding has come true.
I am looking forward to getting to know you.

Public Relations
University of Wroclaw
Business Communications
Seton Hall University
Wedding Consultant 


How can I help you?
  1. Complex organization and coordination
  2. Partial organization
  3. Coordination of marriage ceremony and wedding
  4. Open air wedding and reception area

Let's arrange a non-binding meeting.

At the second meeting, I will introduce you to the preliminary project and the estimated budget.

Later you will decide whether you want to work with me and set up a schedule.

Complex organization and coordination
of marriage ceremony and wedding

For couples who are busy, living abroad or want to be sure that everything is perfectly matched.
I focus on your personalities, style and personal history. I want to meet you and be able to create a wedding that will represent your future marriage in a very special way.
A wedding in which you can feel magic in the air!
I work with subcontractors from the beginning to the end, ensuring that your special day will be unique, consistent and full of joy.
Planning and organization takes a lot of time and can become overwhelming for you if you do not have enough time or live abroad.
I pay attention to details that affect your mood and your guests.
By deciding to take advantage of the comprehensive organization of weddings, you choose peace of mind.

Partial organization of marriage ceremony and wedding

For couples who want to organize selected items on their own.
If you have chosen and have booked a few services yourself but you do not know what is next or you do not have time for further organization.  
I will help you and take care of the remaining elements.

Coordination of marriage ceremony and wedding

For couples who want to enjoy their wedding day and have a carefree day to celebrate but want to take care of the preparation and selection of subcontractors.
I will be happy to support you on this special day! As a young couple, you cannot be in several places at once.
Imagine that on your wedding day you can sit and enjoy these unforgettable moments, having fun, knowing that your wedding is under the control of a qualified person.
I take care of the coordination of all service providers, their locations and I am the point of contact for your guests.

Open air wedding and reception area

For couples who are considering the idea of getting married in the sunny outdoors!


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